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Affiliate Black Book : Affiliate Training ProgramClick Image To Visit SiteYou gain an advantage through increasing the odds of converting a prospect into a buyer.  There are a number of ways true SUPER affiliates do this.  It’s an art I’ve mastered and it’s the art you learn as part of the Affiliate Black Book experience.

Soda Popper is a WordPress plugin that allows you to choose where you send your traffic and that’s a powerful choice to possess.

Here – this is a live example of a site I created to sell a product, acting as an affiliate:  The Abundance Course

Affiliate links don’t give you the freedom to share other useful information – like videos, webinars, Facebook posts or articles.  But Soda Popper gives you the freedom to send prospects where like – you can even link directly from your page straight into the shopping cart, or bypass squeeze pages.

Affiliates links leave you exposed and out of control.  Oh, and Soda Popper also centralizes your links allowing you to change the destination of infinite links in infinite locations within seconds.

Soda Popper is a WordPress plugin, easily installed and configured and it’s a special bonus – including advanced training and ideas – when you become an Affiliate Black Book member.

Second, the forums are full of people who did stupid crap, lost their accounts and instead of taking responsibility for the stupid crap they did they just whine and moan about Google.

The forums are full of people half-baked, under-educated schmucks looking for the quick buck . . . and they end up seduced into doing something, um, dumb.

Of that $50 I spent about $35 each month. Wow!  Big money!  But when that $35 was consistently producing a $250 per month affiliate* check I expanded.

We play the system – we create our own rules – we limit risk – we’re smart about what we… Read more…

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