Cognitive Domination

Cognitive DominationClick Image To Visit SiteJust as with all the gold rushes throughout history, only a few will profit from the Internet gold rush while the rest frustratingly pan for nuggets. Tom Sandone

If you have tried selling anything on the web I probably don’t need to tell you how difficult getting high conversion rates has become. If you have been struggling it’s not your fault. There is such a barrage of information how can you be expected to figure out what works and what does not? And there are a dizzying number of choices for marketing. People are trying everything to drive traffic and sell their products and services; email marketing, newsletters, blogs, Twitter, Pay Per Click, video, Social Media, SEO, and more. Yet the number one *FAIL POINT* is SALES COPY. Most sales copy is failing. And I am talking about the sales copy hawking one eBook or the Fortune 500 company marketing the next big thing.

Working to Get More Traffic to a Web Page that is Not Successfully Converting is; "Continually doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results."

Do you know the Number One Reason most people think their websites are not converting? They will say they are "not getting enough relevant traffic."

This might SURPRISE you: Most websites are not failing because of a lack of relevant traffic to the page. They are failing because the sales copy is NOT WORKING. While there are websites that get inadequate traffic, if your website is getting traffic from affiliates or organic search results you are getting relevant traffic. How do I know?

As hard as all this might be to hear there is $350 billion backing up the fact. That’s what Google is worth at this time. The sole purpose of Google’s search engine has been to provide… Read more…

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