Writing Your Best Topic or Crediting Someone’s Work?

Writing Your Best Topic or Crediting Someone’s Work?

A few questions you should ask yourself:

  • Does the content need to be all you own work?

I would say use both and you can even throw in a guest writer on your chosen subject into the mix to add a different flavor to you blog. Just be sure to always give full credit where its due.

If you can persuade a talented friend to do some ghost writing for you then there’s another addition. Nothing will beat you own original ideas, as you’ll be able to keep these coming on a more regular basis. The most important thing to maintain is your high quality writing.

  • How many Blogs should you try to manage?

This will depend on the available time you have and the amount of data there is on each subject. If you expect to have a life outside of your blogging, I would personally suggest just doing one until its Prestigous enough for writer to offer to write for you or you can afford the have this managed by a team.

  • Can you create content and schedule it for posting over time?

This is will be the determining factor of whether you get to get to manage you time and your blogging. Everyone works with a calendar at some point, you should add slots where you can concentrate on your writing or finding content to add to you blog. Then schedule the content to be posted at a time in the future.

  • Do you have enough of a subject to write about?

How do you identify whether there’s enough of a market for your blogs subject. Well consider this, how many people are searching for answers in your blogs topic and what kind of questions are the asking. If you can prove that there are multiple thousands looking for information on the main subject, then you’re onto a winner.

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